NINGBO DA ZHI MACHINE TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD mainly focuses on the research, design and production of clean energy products; primarily solar panels and exclusive wind power fastening parts as well as the innovation, production and sales of electrical energy products.

The company was founded in February 2012, situated in The economic zone of Yangtze River—Beilun Port of Ningbo, there are convenient land, air and sea transport networks.

The company possess cutting-edge equipment, superlative technological strength, comprehensive quality testing, perfected warranty system; are all there to ensure we provide quality products to clients. 


The company is engaged in the research, design, production of solar panels as well as related power station design, installation calibration and technical service, providing clients with solar panel solutions supported by skill and technology.

Solar panels produced by the company are mainly implemented on household rooftops, shopping centres, airports, car parks and various outdoor locations.

With the increase in solar power efficiency, the company will continue to engage in the production of solar panels, explicitly  the research and production of solar panels and actively seek to expand services, increase research in crucial components/parts, generate power; strive to become the most innovative, most profitable leading expert in technology and equipment for solar panel solutions.

Wind Power

The company is also engaged in the research, development, production and sales of fastening components exclusive to wind power equipment. Having accumulated a wealth of experience, has  now become the main supplier in fastening components for various trademark wind power generator manufacturers, of which products are widely used in main engines over 1.5MW, turbine towers, rotors and fundamental parts of which it's excellent reputation in high end fastening components is widely acknowledged in China; placing company's overall strength and scale of sales near the top of the industry.

Power Transmission

The company provides energy generation parts to renowned energy suppliers. There is a great number of variation in parts involved. However, using the resources of the group companies, we provide small assemblies of parts for our clients.